Campus Credentials and Transportation

General Safety Tips

  • When walking to your car, especially after dark, try to walk with a group. There is probably someone in your class leaving at the same time and parked in the same general direction.
  • Make sure your car is locked and don't leave items of value (ie., purses, books, etc.) in view in your parked car.
  • When going to your car, always have your keys in your hand before getting to your car.
  • If you happen to see someone or something that seems out of the ordinary or suspicious, don't hesitate to report it to University Police.
  • Don't ever leave purses or book bags unattended, even for just a minute.
  • Don't ever prop open outside doors of building. It may be a convenience for you, but it is and open invitation to unwanted parties or vandalism.
  • Remember, Escorts are available day or night by calling University Police at extension 16900 from any on campus phone.

Student Housing Safety Tips

  • If you have guests always escort them around the complex, remember, you are responsible for their actions.
  • Learn who lives in your building and report any unauthorized persons immediately.
  • Never prop any doors open. They are there for your safety from intruders and also as protection from fire!
  • Never lend your keys or key FOB to anyone!!!
  • Report any doors that do not latch properly immediately.
  • Report any unauthorized person(s) who are staying with other residents immediately.
  • Always lock your vehicle and do not leave anything valuable in plain sight.

"Think Safe, Be Safe"

noneEmergency Contacts

  • Emergencies
  • Escort
  • General Information
  • Weather Info line (recorded)
    481-6050 or 481-5770