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Traffic Parking Rules Summary

Authority-These regulations are adopted pursuant to the authority conferred by the Laws of the State of Indiana upon the Boards of Trustees of Purdue University.

The respective boards of trustees deem it necessary and desirable to make and enforce these regulations for the safety and welfare of students, staff, and visitors in protection of property and the safe operation of the Purdue University Fort Wayne campus.

University Police officers are empowered to enforce state laws and campus regulations under the supervision of the vice chancellor for financial affairs.


When used in these regulations, the following words and phrases have these meanings:

  • Parked vehicle:a motor vehicle with no licensed driver at the wheel.
  • Permit:a parking placard issued by University Police or its designees.
  • Restricted hours:when classes are in session between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Sunday. During restricted hours, you must display a valid permit to park in designated "A" (employee) or handicapped parking areas. Appropriate coins must be placed in meters during these hours.
  • Vehicle:any propelled device with two or more wheels.
  • Visitor:a person who is neither a student nor a staff member, including people attending meetings or conferences.

Permits Registration Procedures

Vehicle registration is required on an annual basis on or before the first day of classes for anyone wishing to park in an "A" lot or requiring a disabled parking permit. All vehicles parked in these two areas without a permit will be ticketed. Staff and faculty parking permits must be obtained from University Police in the Physical Plant building.

Registration permits issued for cars and trucks are to be attached to the rearview mirror post with the permit number visible from the vehicle front. Only a current permit should be displayed, and registration is effective when approved by University Police. The parking permit is for use only by the purchaser and is the property of Purdue Fort Wayne.

Parking Regulations

"A" parking lots shall be used during restricted hours only by motor vehicles with a "Staff Permit". No parking permits will be required to park in "B" open parking areas. The first level of the parking garage is designated as "A" until 5 p.m., but "AB" thereafter. The remaining levels of the garage are considered "B" lots and a permit is not needed to park in these areas.

Special and temporary parking permits may be obtained from University Police when extenuating circumstances exist. If you arrive on campus and realize you do not have your permit, you may pick up a temporary permit at University Police. All vehicles parked in restricted "A" lots or disabled spaces must display valid permits to avoid parking tickets.

Authorization to leave a vehicle on campus overnight must be obtained from University Police. Unauthorized vehicles left on campus 72 hours will be considered abandoned and removed. An accumulation of unpaid fines or improper parking will also provide cause for towing at owner's expense. Dock parking is only for loading and unloading vehicles. People who need to use the dock for more than 15 minutes must obtain authorization from University Police.

People operating motorcycles may park in a vehicle stall or on motorcycle pads.

Vehicles shall be parked between painted stall lines or in front of bumper blocks that indicate individual parking space.

The Purdue Extension Office's parking lot is for clients only, not for use by the campus community.

Traffic Regulations

Campus vehicle operators must:

  • Obey all state and local regulations, including signs, signals, markings, and other traffic-control devices.
  • Not maintain a speed of more than 20 m.p.h. unless otherwise posted.
  • In parking lots, the maximum speed is 15 m.p.h. Parking is never permitted within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or in designated fire lanes. People parking on grass will be ticketed and held responsible for damages.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way in all crosswalks; if a pedestrian enters or is about to enter a marked crossing, approaching vehicles must stop while the pedestrian is in the crossing.
  • All traffic accidents that occur on campus must be reported immediately.
  • All bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks. Bicycles chained to trees or signs or taken inside buildings may be impounded.

Violations and Fines

Penalties and Fines for Traffic violations has been increased (effective 08/21/00)

Type of ViolationFine
Meter violation $15.00
Failure to display permit in "A" lot ("A" permit holders who forgot permit) $5.00
Unauthorized lot $25.00
Traffic lane/yellow curb $25.00
Dock area/posted zones $25.00
Moving violation $60.00
Handicapped parking only $100.00
Skateboarding/rollerblading fine $25.00
Fire lane/hydrant $50.00
Displaying lost/stolen/counterfeit permit $50.00

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