University Police

Emergency Phones

  • There are sixty-eight (68) emergency phones located throughout the campus.
  • Nineteen (19) of these are located outdoors by various lots and sidewalks.
  • They are easily identifiable by their "Blue Lights."
  • Thirteen phones are in parking garage one, sixteen are in parking garage two and one is in the Gates Sports Center gym.

In Case of an Emergency

In case of an emergency, simply push the button and, when the dispatcher answers, state the emergency. These phones ring directly into the Consolidated Communications Partnership (CCP) and the dispatcher can, by looking at the phone panel, identify the location of the caller. In addition, an emergency phone is located in each elevator and may be activated by picking up the receiver or pushing the button. When the receiver is picked up or the button pushed, the elevator phones ring directly into the CCP for emergency response.