Facilities Management


Building Street Addresses

The building street addresses for locations on IPFW's campus can be found in IPFW Addresses and Zone [PDF].

Street Closures

In most cases, it is not feasible to consult the entire campus community before scheduling a street closure. However, campus events are carefully considered prior to setting the date for a street closure. Generally, two weeks to one-month advance notice is given to the campus community. The Physical Plant notifies all affected staff or faculty of the closure to prevent most headaches.

Snow Removal

During the winter season, the Grounds Department is responsible for snow and ice removal within 20 feet of all campus building entries, and from the pedestrian walkways. Our primary emphasis is to maintain as safe a walking surface as possible.

All possible efforts are made to remove all snow and ice from campus walkways prior to the start of classes and to keep them clear the rest of the day. However, our resources are limited so we ask everyone to exercise caution and take personal responsibility for their own safety in inclement weather. If you encounter an area that is particularly hazardous please contact us immediately at 260-481-6832.


“A” parking lots shall be used during restricted hours only by motor vehicles with an “A” permit (designated with green-lined spaces).  Some “A” lots change to OPEN parking after 5 p.m. weekdays and from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends. (Note: Not all “A” lots change at 5 p.m.) Signs in each lot will indicate if and when the lot will change to open parking. (*The first level of both parking garages is designated as “A” until 5 p.m., but open parking thereafter.) The remaining levels of the garage are considered open parking areas and a permit is not needed to park in these areas.

Special and temporary parking permits may be obtained from Police and Safety when extenuating circumstances exist. If you arrive on campus and realize that you do not have your permit, you may pick up a temporary permit at Police and Safety. All vehicles parked in restricted “A” lots or disabled spaces must display valid permits to avoid parking tickets.

Authorization to leave a vehicle on campus overnight must be obtained from Police and Safety. Unauthorized vehicles left on campus 72 hours will be considered abandoned and removed.  An accumulation of unpaid fines or improper parking will also provide cause for towing at owner’s expense. Dock parking is only for loading and unloading of vehicles. People who need to use the dock for more than 15 minutes must obtain authorization from Police and Safety.

Vehicles shall be parked between painted stall lines or in front of bumper blocks that indicate individual parking spaces.

People operating motorcycles may park in a vehicle stall or on motorcycle pads.

The Allen County Extension Office’s parking lot is for clients only, not for use by the campus community.


See University Police Web site.