Facilities Management


Sports Turf Maintenance

The Grounds Department is responsible for maintaining the athletic fields on the IPFW campus. Grounds regularly coordinates with the Athletic Director, coaches and other University personnel with regard to schedules, event coordination and any special needs they may have.The crew prepares and places the lines on the field in accordance with NCAA requirements, makes minor repairs to the playing field during interruptions in play and is occasionally present at each event to provide support and assistance as needed. Special turf maintenance procedures are used to prevent and remedy the compaction, divoting and other problems commonly associated with team play. The crew also works to help coordinate and support other special events which are held at several of the sports facility areas.

Sprinklers and Irrigation

Scheduling and application of irrigation water is controlled by a computer program. This takes into account the average rainfall and temperatures which historically occur during the growing season (April to October). Water is conserved wherever possible.

Most watering occurs at night, using recommended application rates. However, it is not always possible to water only at night. Watering of newly laid sod and of other requests will occur during the day.

Lawn and Tree Maintenance

Over the years, we have developed procedures and policies regarding the inspection and grading of each tree on campus. This process enables us to determine which trees need only to be trimmed, and which must be removed. A tree maintenance program is now in place, involving the pruning of each tree according to its structure and functional requirement. This program will ensure every tree will be maintained for its long term health and the safety of the campus community.

Outdoor Pest Control

Wherever possible, the preferred method is to use biological controls or natural substances for controlling pests, plant diseases, and weeds on campus. This allows us to limit the type and quantity of chemical and other less desirable controls. If the use of chemicals is unavoidable, we use less potent chemicals whenever possible. Chemicals are applied according to safety regulations and guidelines. Application usually occurs during the early morning hours or on weekends to avoid exposure to the campus community.

Snow Removal Policies

During the winter season, the Grounds Department is responsible for snow and ice removal within 20 feet of all campus building entries, and from the pedestrian walkways. Our primary emphasis is to maintain as safe a walking surface as possible.

All possible efforts are made to remove all snow and ice from campus walkways prior to the start of classes and to keep them clear the rest of the day. However, our resources are limited so we ask everyone to exercise caution and take personal responsibility for their own safety in inclement weather. If you encounter an area that is particularly hazardous please contact us immediately at 260-481-6832.