Office of Major Scholarship Advisement

Upcoming Deadlines

Deadlines for major scholarships

  • October
    • Fulbright U.S. Student Program: Support for a year of graduate-level study, independent research, or teaching abroad. Must have BA/ BS before grant period starts. Seniors, recent grads, and grad students may apply. Must be a US citizen or national. Requires campus nomination. Highly competitive. Campus deadline: Early October.
    • Gilman International Scholarship: Awards up to $5,000 to support undergraduate study abroad. Must be an undergraduate, eligible for Pell grant, and a US citizen. Requires approval from the study abroad office and financial aid office. Competitive. Spring start deadline: Early October. (For Fall start, see March deadlines, below.)
    • Rhodes Scholarship: Full support for two years at Oxford University in any discipline. Eligibility: full-time students between 18-24 years old; academic excellence; distinguished leadership in some endeavor. Most competitive. Deadline: Early October.
    • Hertz Foundation Scholarship: Awards up to $25,000 annually for up to five years of graduate work leading to a PhD in a science/ technology field. Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Seniors and first year graduate students may apply. Highly competitive. Deadline: Late October.
    • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: Funding to support study in a master’s or Ph.D. program in a STEM field. Must be a US Citizen, national, or permanent resident. Seniors, recent grads, and first year graduate students may apply. Highly competitive. Deadline: Late October (exact deadline depends on field).
  • November
    • Critical Language Scholarship: Support for a summer-long intensive language program abroad for critical languages. Must be an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student. Must be a US citizen or national. Highly competitive. Deadline: mid-November.
    • Soros Fellowship for New Americans: Award for up to 2 years of graduate study in any field (one-half tuition grant, plus $20,000/year). Eligibility: US resident alien, naturalized citizen, or child of 2 naturalized citizens; senior or first-year graduate standing.
  • December
    • Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship: Supports members of communities underrepresented in the professoriate who will study for a Ph.D. or Sc.D. US citizens, nationals, permanent residents, and others may apply (check exact eligibility requirements). Most competitive (varies by program). Deadline: Early December.
    • DAAD Rise and Rise Professional: Summer internship in a STEM field in Germany (German language not required) for undergraduates (Rise) and graduates (Rise Professional). Deadline: Mid-December.
  • January
    • Carnegie Endowment Gaither Junior Fellows Program: Fellows work at the Carnegie Endowment as research assistants to Carnegie’s senior scholars on a paid, full-time basis for one year. Eligibility: Graduating senior or recent graduate. U.S. citizenship not required (but some restrictions apply). Applicants should have demonstrated a strong interest in international affairs, political science, economics, or history. Most competitive. Deadline: January 15.
    • Goldwater Scholarship: Up to two years of tuition support for STEM undergraduate students who intend to pursue a graduate research degree. Eligibility: sophomore or junior standing at time of application; GPA of 3.6 or above; U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident. Competitive. Deadline: late January.