Office of Major Scholarship Advisement

Public Service

Lists of Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

Many foundations are interested in community and public service activities that you have participated in. You should begin now by creating a resumé that lists the names of the organizations you are involved with, your affiliation and responsibilities, and the dates that you took part in the organization or the activity. You may include
such activities as serving as a volunteer for blood drives, working at the Special Olympics, assisting a candidate for public office in an election campaign, or helping with a "clean-and-green" effort.

FC Students at Dare to Dream Youth Ranch

List of Community Service Activities

Many of the foundations are looking to see that you have a proven history of community service, and not that you are simply jumping on a bandwagon. Look for areas that interest you. For instance, if you enjoy hands-on work, Habitat for Humanity might be a good choice. On the other hand, volunteering with an organization that promotes literacy for grade school or underprivileged children might suit you very well if you like working with children.

As a student, you can make a valuable contribution to the community while gaining challenging educational experience. As an Agent of Change, you reflect the powerful intersection of service, community, and social change.

Other Resources

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