Office of Major Scholarship Advisement

Other Resources for Prospective Scholars

  • Community of Science
    Find funding with Community of Science (COS) funding opportunities: search the world's most comprehensive funding resource, with more than 23,000 records representing nearly 400,000 opportunities, worth over $33 billion.
  • Financial Aid Office
    You should contact your department regarding scholarships from the University.
  • Transcripts
    Be sure to order transcripts well in advance of the scholarship/fellowship deadline.  You can purchase official transcripts or receive unofficial transcripts in the Registrar’s office located in Kettler Hall.  Scholarship and Fellowship applications will usually expect you to submit one certified or official copy of your transcript, but additional copies usually may be photocopied. For a few undergraduate scholarships, a high school transcript may be required. Be sure to request all transcripts well in advance of the deadlines.