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Academic Structure Proposal Processing Overview: This process is used to create or change: branches, extensions, schools, colleges, departments, centers, and department transfers.

How to Begin - VCAA Approval

Before proceeding with the development of a proposal, the academic unit requesting to create or change an academic structure must follow departmental and/or college processes, if present, and receive pre-approval from the chair and dean. Next, the academic unit must notify and receive approval from the VCAA of their intention by sending an email to Jeff Malanson at or call (260) 481-6694 to setup an appointment for consultation.

Process Flowchart

The following chart provides an overall look at academic structure processing.

Academic Structures Process Flowchart - updated 5/17

You can also determine which documents are needed by locating the type of proposal you are creating at the following SharePoint site.

Approval Process

The following document provides information on the academic structures approval process.

Due to revisions and committee schedules, proposal processing takes time. To approximate a completion time, please review the timeline for when the required approving committees are in session.

General Matrix for the Administration Approval Process for Academic Programs and Structures  -  updated 5/17

Overview of Documents Needed

The following chart provides a table view of the documents needed for each type of program proposal.

Chart of Required Documents for New Academic Structures and Changes - updated 5/17

Structure Documents

Submission Process: Please get VCAA approval before completing forms. Send the completed form(s) as developed with needed signatures to Jeff Malanson, LA 203.

Remonstrance List and Archive




1) School/College: New

2) Department: New

3) Department: Transfer to a different School/College

New School/Dept/Transfer Cover Sheet - new 5/17

Purdue Board of Trustees (BOT) Transmittal Form - updated 8/15

Memo from Chair to Dean, and VCAA - updated 5/17

1) School/College: Name Change

2) Department: Name Change

Structural Name Change Cover Sheet - new 5/17

Purdue Board of Trustees (BOT) Transmittal Form - updated 8/15

Memo from Chair to Dean, and VCAA - updated 5/17


image of clock

2018-19 Timeline for Changes to Existing/New Programs


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