Office of Academic Affairs
  • provides leadership in curriculum development of high-quality new undergraduate and graduate initiatives
  • oversees and manages academic programs and administrative structures
  • ensures that new proposals are framed in accordance with of goals of university strategic plan
  • makes certain proposals meet the foundations of the Baccalaureate Framework by providing all students with a holistic and integrative education
  • considers the affect of proposed programs and courses on other departments, existing programs, and academic support units
  • provides guidance through the whole life-cycle of the development process for new/changed degrees and courses
  • furnishes consultation about academic program proposals, before the Curriculum Review Subcommittee (for undergraduate programs) or the Graduate Subcommittee (for graduate programs)
  • works closely with faculty, administration, school curriculum committees, library, registrar, faculty senate, VCAA, the Chancellor, Purdue and IU Graduate Schools, Purdue and IU Boards of Trustees, Purdue and IU Provost /President, and ICHE to coordinate reviews and approvals
  • maintains, tracks, and documents curriculum policies, processes, approvals, forms, templates, resources, and user guides
  • offers support and coordination for program and course processing technology
  • is guided by the procedures outlined in Office of Academic Affairs Memorandum No. 01-1: Consultation about Academic Program Proposals


 Portrait of Carol Sternberger

Dr. Carol Sternberger, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs and Director of Graduate Studies
Kettler Hall, Room 174


Wanda Johnson, Assessment Management System Administrator
Kettler Hall, Room 140D

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