Office of Academic Affairs

Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE)

The Indiana Commission on Higher Education has adopted a “criteria check list” for new degree proposals. All degree proposals brought must now be in this format.

1. Full Proposal. this document should be the program description document with additional information added. This full proposal can be as long as necessary and can include any appendices, letters of support, or more detailed description of curricula, etc..

2. Brief Program description. If requested, the Brief Program document is required after system approval of the Full Proposal. This document will be placed in the agenda book of all commission members. It should be approximately 7-8 pages in length and follow the criteria checklist. The most important arguments should be emphasized in this short program description. This document is only needed if the IPFW Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs receives a request from Purdue University Associate Provost or Indiana University Assistance Vice President.

Links to:

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