Office of Academic Affairs

Deans and Chairs

Faculty Search Workshop

For anyone hoping to run a faculty search

August 31, noon-1:30 p.m.
Kettler 119

Nuts and Bolts

September 14, noon-2pm KT 119
Budget Session with Chairs, Deans, and Steve George 

October 26, 8am-11am Alumni Center Academic Leadership Team Meeting  

November 2, noon-1:30pm KT 178
New Chair "Check-in" How are things going so far?

Chair Lunches

Chairs only, please

September 26, noon-1:30pm KT 178

February 15, noon-1:30pm KT 178

Spring Leadership Development

February 15, 8:30am-10:30am KT 178
Dealing With Difficulty Situations Productively

March 22, 8am-11am Alumni Center
Academic Leadership Meeting 

Vice Chancellors, Deans, Chairs, and Coordinators
15 - 2, Chair Emoluments (version with table)
05 - 3, Authority and Responsibilities of the Department Chair
05 - 2, Authority and Responsibilities of the Academic Dean
04 - 4, Reappointment Review: Timelines and Guidelines for Librarians (version with table)
04 - 3, Guidelines for Reappointment Review (version with table)
04 - 1, Guidelines for Periodic Review of Deans and Directors
03 - 3, Executive Search Process
02 - 2, Guidelines for the selection, appointment, and review of department chairs
02 - 1, Guidelines for Monitoring Research/Creative Activity Assignments
96 - 10, Administrative Guidelines for Deans/Chairs to Assess Option 1 Faculty on Creative/Research/Scholarly Activities
96 - 7, Authority and Responsibilities of the Program Coordinator

Academic Affairs seeks to support faculty, chairs and deans in all aspects of their academic professional lives.  To that end, we provide specific support for new faculty and administrators; reappointment, promotion and tenure processes, and ongoing support and recognition for teaching and research.  Please contact Dr. Dixson with any questions or suggestions for making your IPFW life more productive and successful.

Teaching and Learning

Marcia Dixson

Marcia Dixson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, leads initiatives for faculty support and resources. Dr. Dixson, associate professor of communication, earned a B.S.E. and M.A. in English Education from Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University) and a Ph.D. in Communication Research from University of Iowa, Iowa City. She began at Purdue Fort Wayne in 1993 as an Assistant Professor.  

Besides teaching and doing research in family communication and scholarship of teaching and learning she has served in several administrative roles: Basic Course Director, Graduate Director and Chair of Communication and the first Director of the Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

Contact Dr. Dixson by phone at 260-481-6558 or by email.

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