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Check out the Special Birthday Edition of The Communicator for a great article on NSE titled "The NSE Experience: Stepping Outside the Fort Wayne Bubble." You can also find it on The Communicator's website by clicking here.

Grow mentally and physically

The experience that I have had so far in Montreal has been amazing. This exchange was great for all aspects of my growth mentally and physically. ... I think that the exchange with UQAM gives you some of the same experiences [as traveling to France], and immerses you in a Francophone country for less money. The accent is hard at the beginning, ... however you get used to it, and then you have fun with it. The classes that UQAM offers are very wide and vast with more than 40,000 students enrolled full time.

The city of Montreal is amazing in itself. It has so much history and activity and the people are very friendly and welcoming. If you're lost in the streets, people will literally walk with you so they can show you where to go. The best part is that Montreal is one of the safest cities in North America. The public transportation in Montreal is amazing and very accessible and inexpensive. There are even buses that go throughout the night until 4 in the morning and the main lines open at 5:30. I guess what I am trying to say is that anyone that comes here will fall in love with the city in the first week. If you want to improve your French and meet people from all over the world, the exchange with UQAM is a great option.

~John Gatke

My best college decision so far

Students are giving rave reviews on their NSE experiences! Here's one business student's thoughts on her exchange (you can also read her blog post on the Doermer School of Business Blog):

Hey there fellow Doermer Dons!

My name is Hannah Janssen, and I am a sophomore studying accounting. I’m actually writing this from Whitewater, Wisconsin thanks to the National Student Exchange!

Now, I know all of you business students have heard about NSE; they make presentations in the J100 classes and there are signs are all over campus. But I am writing this blog to give you my personal testimony about what an exchange can do for a business student.

A couple of things about signing up for your exchange: choose schools that have the AACSB accreditation (not membership, two different things), and make sure you know how much your housing will cost.

Like I said, I’m in Whitewater, Wisconsin, at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Oh, you never heard of it? Well, neither had I. Until I found out it was well-known for its accounting area and it’s the closest Wisconsin school to Fort Wayne. The school itself actually isn’t that big; enrollment is a little less than IPFW’s. If you can, I highly suggest visiting your school once you know where you are going. Whitewater is a pretty small town, but once I found out it had a Wal-Mart in walking distance (I wasn’t going to have a car), I was fine.

I only signed up to spend a semester here, but honestly, I could’ve stayed a year. I love my exchange. I get along with all of my roommates (I have 3), and I’ve actually made friends in my short time here. It’s like they say at every college, you have to get involved.  Seriously, getting involved in groups, especially on your exchange, is the best thing you can do for yourself, particularly when you’re a business student. I joined a group called IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), and today, I’m going to a Brewer’s game; last week, I found an internship I’m really interested in, and if I get it, they will pay for my housing and transportation! The opportunities I’ve had here are endless; all I had to do was put in effort and participate in meetings.  Also, thanks to technology like Skype, I can still participate in my group at IPFW too. I’m in Delta Sigma Pi, and I just got elected VP of Community Service for next year!

Going on this exchange was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in college. I made new friends, and some new contacts for networking, and I got to do things I could have never done at IPFW (scuba diving!) I highly recommend an exchange to all business students, especially those who know where they want to go after college. It’s truly an experience you’ll never forget.