Military Student Services

Disabled Veteran Student

Whether you are a veteran injured in combat or you acquired a disability outside the military, PFW has the resources to help you further your education.


Did you know that you can get accommodations to help you be successful in your classes with disabilities like, but not limited to:

    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD
    • Traumatic Brain Injury: TBI
    • Mobility impairments
    • Visual impairments
    • Hearing impairment

If you qualify, some examples of accommodations include:

  • Allowing additional time and/or a quiet room to complete exams
  • Obtaining textbooks in alternative formats for students with visual impairments
  • Permitting exams to be individually proctored/monitored, dictated, or typed
  • Moving classroom assignments due to architectural barriers

For additional information please contact PFW's Services for Students with Disabilities directly in Walb room 113.

Visit their web page Services for Students with Disabilities

You can also contact a Military Student Services team member for assistance.