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Web Modernization Update and Requested Adjustments

Marketing Communications and IT Services are fully engaged in the process of modernizing the university’s Web technology that includes working with an outside vendor and timelines for delivery. This process requires the full dedication of the Web team. 

With the timing of the new campus Web modernization, and a rebranding effort ahead with the change in the governance of IPFW, our strategy will be to look to creating transformational changes in the year leading up to the official changeover. To prevent duplication of efforts, streamline processes, and allow the Web team to invest efforts into this Web modernization process, we request that all efforts to create new websites, site redesigns, or site reorganizations be postponed until the beginning of fall 2017. Publishers will be able to create new pages and sections in their current sites. Additionally, IT Services will continue to provide support to Web publishers. With regard to maintenance of existing sites, Marketing Communications will do its best to handle requests on a case-by-case basis.

We would request that department efforts be focused on these important steps while the new Web technology is developed: 

  1. Make sure your department’s Web content remains up-to-date and accurate

  2. Unpublish and archive no-longer-needed content, pages, and file assets (e.g., images and PDFs)
What should I do if I need help editing my department’s website?
Contact the Help Desk at or extension 16030. IT Services will continue to provide technical support to Web publishers.
What if I have a question about a marketing project that includes the Web?
If you have questions about Web-related marketing efforts, contact your marketing specialist, instead of the Web team, in Marketing Communications. For technical help, contact the Help Desk in IT Services.
How do I stay informed about the Website Modernization Project?
For more information about the Website Modernization Project, continue to visit this website and watch for announcements in Inside IPFW.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to develop updates to our Web technology that will greatly enhance our university’s website.