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Content Strategy

Content Strategy

For consistency and quality across IPFW’s Web experience, consider the following content strategy based on audience preferences to scale across all university units.

Brand Pyramid

First, to strengthen our influence toward audience behavior, content must focus on perception and revenue. We can thereby improve our ability to generate revenue through Enrollment Management and Advancement initiatives. Engagement-centric content for university relations and community engagement are important but complementary to perception and revenue.

Second, to consistently communicate units’ value propositions, the following pillars will be used to express audience-centric messaging.

  • Availability: what we offer and where we’re located. Examples include:
    • Experience (student perspective and features and benefits)
    • Degree offerings
    • Service offerings (Continuing Studies, business services, and student employment)
    • Sense of place (Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana)
    • Research, scholarship, creativity, and teaching
  • Authority (how we deliver)
    • Student experience (Student Affairs and classroom)
    • Faculty expertise (IRSC, The Don Difference, etc.)
    • Accreditation
  • Value (why we do what we do—be aspirational)
  • Satisfaction (how others show why we do what we do—use testimonials)

Feature Benefits DataThird, data can be used to support claims that include items such as university, research, scholarship, creativity, and teaching statistics, audience testimonials, and other relevant messages (e.g., faculty-to-student ratios, placement rates, financial aid, etc.). Features and benefits are also contained within the identity system, which need to be evaluated for relevancy. Again, content should always lead with the benefit to answer the audience’s “what’s in it for me” question. 

The illustration above shows the relationship between the brand promise and platforms, as well as data and features and benefits.

It is important to note buyer persona findings can be used to help calibrate around audience demographics, ethnographics, and psychographics and framed appropriately in various media.

Together, this content strategy will scale throughout the organization in a complementary yet unique way. It is important to consider the audience and benefits first—answer what’s in it for me—when creating relevant and meaningful content.


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