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The university has had a Web content management system (CMS) since 2008. It is now reinvesting in the system to create a better user experience. The investment includes a focus on accessibility and mobility. The website is the university's primary communications platform, so this is a major university priority.

The Website Modernization Plan [PDF] identifies five key issues and offers solutions and outcomes, summarized below.

Key Issues

  • Accessibility. Accessibility standards must be applied to system templates, widgets, and applications to avoid putting the university at legal risk.
  • Mobile. Eighty percent (80%) of Internet users have a smartphone. Web CMS templates, widgets, and applications must be structured for mobile delivery for the IPFW mobile app and social media.
  • Focused and improved content. Having too many pages makes it difficult for the university to have a quality website. Content is inconsistent, with much of it outdated, obsolete, and inaccurate.
  • New technology features. New modern templates, widgets, applications, content structures, categorization, and workflows must be developed to help publishers create quality content.
  • Governance. Lack of clear governance contributes to the four key issues above.


  • Outsource development to a dotCMS partner agency to create new content structures and modernize the Web CMS for accessibility, mobile delivery, and new features.
  • Decrease the number of pages in order to improve quality.
  • Establish governance that supports the new system and emphasizes accessibility, mobile delivery, page reduction, and quality.


  • The Web CMS complies with strict accessibility standards, delivers content for mobile, and provides modern features.
  • Fewer pages combined with new content structures improve content quality and the user experience.
  • Governance gives publishers the support and training to create quality content that is accessible and mobile-friendly, and the publishing experience becomes more manageable.


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