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O3O65 Transition Project

Project Overview:

Throughout the Spring/Summer of 2018, all Purdue Fort Wayne students will be transitioned from Gmail to Office 365/ O365/Outlook.  This is an opportune time to make the transition in conjunction with our institutional name change.

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Action Items (updated 10/31/2017)

Project Update:  (as of 5/11/2018)
All incoming students (new/transfer/freshman) arel now (as of 5/11/2018) receiving a email address within Office 365 and will not receive a google account.  Also, those current students who did not activate their existing google email accounts have been transitioned to an Office 365 email account (as of 5/11/2018).

Reasoning Behind the Change:

Students, faculty and staff can more easily collaborate being on the same platform.  Currently, faculty and staff are utilizing O365/Outlook.

Availability of MS Office Suite on personal devices.  Effective July 1, 2018, Purdue Fort Wayne students, faculty and staff will no longer be eligible for IUware software downloads.

Email support is more simplistic by eliminating redundant tool sets.

Utilizing Outlook and other Office products, prepares Purdue Fort Wayne students for entering the workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule of Implementation:  (Updated 6/18/2018)

June 2018 Testing of student opt-in process
July 2018  Student conversion process begins
October 17, 2018  Forced student conversion to O365
November 2018 Students can continue converting their data from Google to O365
December 31, 2018  Elimination of Google


Faculty, advisors, and other staff can now more easily collaborate with students, and vice versa.

Students will be able to install MS Office on up to 5 devices, as opposed to 2 using IUware.

Address books will now contain everyone’s address, which places us in line with most other universities.

Google sites will no longer be offered; however, there is minimal impact since there is such an increased usage of social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

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