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Office 365 Supported Applications

As Microsoft releases new components and features in Office 365 (O365) with an increasing frequency and speed, Information Technology Services (ITS) will only be able to provide support for the most heavily used applications in the O365 suite of products.

As widespread use of new O365 components occurs, and PFW user demand increases, ITS will evaluate the need for support, and then grow the knowledge base necessary to support those new products.

The list below represents the features that are considered core components, with full support from ITS, via the Help Desk.
Core Components

  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • People / Contacts
  • OneDrive*
  • Tasks
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Groups*
  • SharePoint*
    • Document Library*
    • Wiki Page Library*
    • Task*
    • Picture Library*
    • Links*
    • Discussion Board*

* web version only

If you would like to request that formal support for any component be added, please fill out a Project Request to have the new component evaluated by ITS.

As a side note: Blackboard Learn is the exclusive course management system for PFW. Any Office 365 features marketed for use in the classroom cannot be considered for inclusion as a core component.