Information Technology Services

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When contacting us provide the following information:

  • Username
  • Phone number
  • Workstation location, and computer type
  • Problem or the error message (ensure that you record the exact error message)  twitter link for IT Services HelpDesk

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dotCMS is a Web-based content management system that PFW uses to create and update their campus Web pages.  Dreamweaver is available for non-department Web pages.

dotCMS has great benefits to the users and to PFW as a whole:

  • It is an easy straightforward way of maintaining Web content.
  • It separates the content from the design of our Web site, so that University Relations can change the design of the Web site without affecting a department's content.
  • Staff members do not need to know HTML code in order to create and manage their department pages.
  • Content is "reusable", making Web page creation faster and easier.

We recommend you make a bookmark or favorite to the dotCMS login page at The recommended browser for dotCMS is Mozilla Firefox.