PUWL Password Change and BoilerKey Setup

Accounts at Purdue Fort Wayne and Purdue West Lafayette

In addition to having a computer account issued by the Fort Wayne campus, many individuals also have an account issued by Purdue West Lafayette.  The West Lafayette account grants access to many centralized resources such as SAP, Kronos, Ariba, Qualtrics, Tableau, Concur, etc.

Two actions are mandatory for all Fort Wayne faculty and staff, and some Fort Wayne students:

  1. Reset your PUWL password
  2. Set up BoilerKey two-factor authentication


1. Required Purdue West Lafayette Password Change

All Purdue Fort Wayne faculty and staff, as well as a small number of Purdue Fort Wayne students must change their Purdue West Lafayette career account password this September.  If you have not changed your password since August 15, 2018 you need to reset it immediately.  This is the case even if you are currently using BoilerKey to log in.

  • Faculty and Staff - Monday, September 10 DEADLINE
  • Students - Monday, September 17 DEADLINE

If you know your current password, change it here.

If you know your PUID (available in goPFW) and your security questions and answers, you can recover your password here.

If you do not know your current password or the answers to your security questions, you will need to contact the Fort Wayne Help Desk.

If you do not change your password by the deadline above, you will no longer be able to access your account and you will need to contact the Help Desk to recover your account.


2. Required BoilerKey Setup

Once you have your password changed, go to, log in if prompted, and click the "Set up a new Duo Mobile BoilerKey" to set up two-factor authentication.

The setup will walk you through installing the Duo app on your phone, setting a 4 digit PIN, and turning on BoilerKey.

Once set up, you will no longer use your PUWL password to log in.  Instead you will use PIN,push as your password.  A "push" notification will be sent to your phone, and you will need to tap accept in the Duo app to complete the login process.

Purdue Fort Wayne
IT Services Help Desk
(260) 481-6030
KT 206