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Clutter and Focused Inbox

Microsoft Clutter and Focused Inbox

January 10, 2018

Microsoft has recently turned off Clutter, a mail filtering feature, for some campus users. This is a result of their ongoing plans to replace Clutter with a similar feature called Focused Inbox. Clutter will be retired by Microsoft on January 31, 2020.

Because Focused Inbox will not be available in Outlook on university owned PCs until the second half of 2018 (when Office 2019 is released), we recommend Clutter users avoid Focused Inbox and stick with Clutter for the time being. However, Focused Inbox is available now in Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Outlook installed from Office 365 on personally owned computers.

If Clutter has been turned off and you would like to turn it back on, you can change your settings in Outlook Web Access. If Clutter does not appear under the "Automatic processing" section and you have successfully used it in the past, contact the IT Services Help Desk,

Note that for recently created accounts, using Clutter is not an option--the feature has been completely removed.  Also, turning on Focused Inbox turns off Clutter, and vice versa. 

Clutter and Focused Inbox use the same algorithms for sorting messages, so Microsoft promises a better user experience with no changes to how email is classified.

If you have questions, contact the IT Services Help Desk.
(260) 481-6030
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