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Wireless Upgrade - IPFW Campus

Beginning in August 2015, the wireless network across campus will be upgraded to a newer standard, improving reliability, speed and security.  If you use wireless, especially in multiple buildings, you need to know these changes. 

Wireless configuration steps are the same, but the name of the hotspot will be different depending on whether you are connecting to the wireless as a student (IPFW Student) or as a faculty or staff member (IPFW Faculty Staff).  You will need to have your device configured for one or the other depending on if you are a student or a member of the faculty or staff to access wireless from different locations on campus.

Visit the IT Services Knowledge Base where configuration instructions for the IPFW Student network and the IPFW Faculty Staff network, answers to frequently asked questions, and contact information for troubleshooting are available.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Help Desk (, 260-481-6030, Kettler 206) for additional assistance.