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LastPass Warns Users to Change Master Password

nullLastPass is a password manager service which allows management of all your accounts and passwords using a single master password.

This service is used by some individuals at IPFW who should be informed of the company's recent announcement about possible compromises of their account.
LastPass recently noticed some unauthorized activity in a noncritical server. While there is no evidence that user data information has been compromised, the company is taking a proactive stance and asking it's users to change the master password for their account.

Any IPFW employee using this service is advised to change their LastPass master password as soon as possible.

Because LastPass has a large customer base, you could experience some delay in reaching their password service center. If that should occur, passwords to your individual accounts can be changed independently for added protection.

IT Services does not endorse or support password tools. Please be very cautious when using any tool that generates passwords. Do not make master passwords easy for others to guess. Feel free to contact the IT Services Help Desk if you have questions.

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