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IPFW Campus is Firewalled

The campus community is now even more protected from intrusion attempts, viruses or other malicious content from the outside. The IPFW campus is technologically secure with the armor of a so-called next generation firewall that has been in place since 2008. Various policy implementations have been enabled since then and will continue to be updated as IPFW strives for continuous improvement.

Being firewalled does not keep you from performing your daily tasks. The activities of users in general are not affected by it. However, if you are a faculty or staff member and feel our firewall is interfering with your internet access, you may request a firewall change through this online form.

From the IT perspective, this new generation firewall adds a strong layer of security to the IPFW community. Yet, users have a critical role in maintaining a secure environment on campus. Being responsible for what you download from the internet and scanning your personal devices (i.e., thumb drives) before using them on workstations are important ways you can contribute to a safeguarded campus!