Information Technology Services

Guest accounts are for individuals who have a temporary business, research, or educational need to access university IT resources.

Short Term Guests

Short term guest accounts can only be created by approved creators.  If you would like to be an approved creator, please have your dean, chair or director make a request to the IT Services Help Desk.

Short term guests include:

  • Visitors to the campus, workshop attendees, event attendees, etc.
  • Access is needed for 6 weeks or less.
  • Access is limited to computer lab, classroom lecterns, or wireless access.
  • No access to email, Banner, Blackboard, network storage, or other campus resources is provided.

If the guest has their own device, only needs wireless access, and the access is only needed for 1 day to 1 week, use the Guest Account Manager (GAM).

If the guest needs to use a classroom lectern or lab computer, and access is only needed for 1 day to 6 weeks, use Guest Account Management (GAM).  Note that GAM accounts also get access to wireless but the guest must configure their device to use the regular (not guest) wireless.


Long Term Guests

Long term guests include:

  • People who have a long term relationship with IPFW but are not paid via Purdue, and are not in SAP HR as non-paid employees.
  • Contractors, vendors, companies in residence, etc.
  • Access is needed for more than one month.
  • Access can include email, personal network storage, departmental storage, web space, wireless, etc.

If the guest will be entered into SAP HR as a non-paid employee, fill out the Employee Account Creation form.

If the guest will not be entered into SAP HR as a non-paid employee, fill out the Guest Account form.