Office of International Education

Visiting Scholars

Selection of Exchange Visitors

  • Positions and sponsorship for international visiting professors, research scholars, and short-term scholars at Purdue Fort Wayne who will enter the U.S. on J-1 Exchange Visitor visas will be offered through the University’s colleges, divisions, and academic departments. 
  • Academic units will make a request to create a visiting scholar position in accordance with college, division, or department policy. 
  • Final approval of visiting professor positions will be required from the appropriate Dean or Director and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • In addition, the appointment of candidates will be subject to hiring guidelines in accordance with Human Resources and the University Administration.

Selection criteria include (but are not limited to): 

  • The extent to which the visitor can offer courses or conduct research that is suitable to the academic departments; and the extent to which the applicants’ research addresses intercultural learning.
  • Educational background requirements will vary according to the level of the position. 
  • Participants will be required to submit applications in English and to provide documentation and recommendations concerning their ability to teach and collaborate with colleagues in English. 
  • Furthermore, individual interviews should be conducted with each candidate, thereby allowing any selection committee to assess the applicants’ facility in English.
  • Language training is not required as part of the program and should be incidental to their program.

    Conditions and Limitations of J-1 Exchange Visitors
    Overview: Inviting J-1 Exchange Visitors [PDF]

After a candidate is identified as an international exchange visitor, the academic department will work with the Purdue Fort Wayne Office of International Education to determine DS-2019 eligibility.  

The Purdue Fort Wayne academic department/college/division must submit the Department Exchange Visitor Request Form [PDF] to the Office of International Education, with the appropriate signatures.