Office of International Education


Photo of a snow covered Mastadon at IPFW-Winter day

The Climate of Fort Wayne

  • During the course of a year the weather in Fort Wayne dramatically shifts from hot summers to cold winters during a four season cycle. Spring and Autumn are the transition periods between the heat of the Summer and the cold of the Winter. Temperatures are usually mild during these months with highs typically between 50-60 degrees Farenheit (10-15 Celsius).
  • Summer is the hottest part of the year where temperatures rise between 80-90 degrees Farenheit (27-32 Celsius). Winter highs will normally be around 30-35 degrees Farenheit (-1-2 Celsius) and lows can dip down to single digits or subzero temperatures on extreme occassions. While it is important to be prepared for all the seasons, it is emphasized to be the most prepared for Winter, in that this is typically the most dangerous time of year in term of the weather. Below is information to help prepare you for this beautiful but sometimes uncomfortable season.

For current weather information visit or and type in Fort Wayne, IN.