Intramural Sports

Sand Volleyball Rules

General Rules

You may receive open-handed (with your arms/hands separated above your head) but if it crosses to the other side it is a fault. This is meant to encourage team play, and meant to discourage merely shoving the ball over the net at an opponent after they serve it.

Matches will consist of 2 games to 18 (win by 2 w/ a cap of 21) and will use “rally” scoring. One 30 second time out per game is allowed.

A ball that causes a boundary line to move shall be considered “in”.

A player may go under the net as long as they don’t interfere with the opponent’s play.

Two minutes of on-the-net warm up will be allowed before each match. Any additional warm-up time should be done before the match. In other words, teams should expect to be asked to start hitting upon taking the court. Etiquette - During pre-game warm ups...hit away from your opponent’s hitting line & where they are warming up. During the game, either roll the ball back to your opponent if it is dry...or toss it to a body near the net.

Teams should be ready to play 2 minutes after they are announced. If not, game #1 is forfeited and the offending team(s) has until 15 minutes after their start time to field a team for game #2.

Teams may play with 2 if the opponent’s agree.

Players in the back row may attack the ball as long as they leave the sand from an imaginary 10-foot line.

The server only gets one toss (one serve attempt).

The poles will function as the antennas, if antennas are not up. If a ball hits one of the wooden net dowels, turnbuckles, wires, or clips, the ball will be considered out...if it goes over that area between where there would be an antennae on an indoor net & the poles we will consider that to be ok... and play on.

The ball hitting the net on the serve is not a fault, it is playable.

Anyone who played on your team during the regular season is eligible for the league tourney.