Intramural Sports

Basketball Rules

National Federation Rules will govern play, subject to restrictions and exceptions laid down in the following rules:

Games will be played at the Hilliard Gates Sports Center

General Rules

Official Team: An official team shall consist of five (5) players. A minimum of four (4) people, one scorekeeper and three players must be present start the game and avoid a default.

Score Card: Prior to each game, the team captain should fill out the official score card by recording all players names on the card. The game officials will then verify each player’s identity by checking the players ID. An individual whose name appears on the official score sheet will be considered as having played in the contest. Late arriving players must have their name added to the score card upon arrival by an official before they may participate.

Ready to Play: Game time is default time! "Ready to play" means that a team must be on the playing area with a minimum of four players. The line-up must be recorded on the official scorecard. A team will not be considered as "ready to play" unless they have four (4) people, one scorekeeper and three players.

Claiming a Default: In basketball games, the team present and "ready to play" at the time the game is scheduled to start, may claim a win by default by recording their line up, and stating "default" on the official scorecard. The intramural sports staff will assist the captains with this process.

Officials: The intramural staff will assign officials for each scheduled game. All basketball games conducted by the Division of Recreational Sports must be played under the supervision of the supervisor employed by the Division. No game may be played without its being scheduled through the Intramural Office.

Officials Fail to Show: If both teams are present and ready to play at game time and there is no official present, teams will start the game and furnish their own officials.


Shoes: Each player must wear athletic shoes. They must be made of soft, pliable upper material (molded plastic, canvas, leather, or synthetic) which covers the foot attached to a composition bottom. No boots, street shoes, or shoes with marking soles will be permitted.

Jerseys: For all intramural basketball games it is suggested that teams provide their own numbered jerseys. It is further suggested that the home team wear dark colored jerseys. For those who do not have their own numbered jerseys, jerseys are available for check out at the equipment center in the Recreational Sports Center: Only one eligible team member from each team is to check out jerseys for the team. Teams are to settle the jersey issue prior to the start of the game so that both teams are ready to play at the sound of the horn.

Illegal equipment: Pants or shorts must be free of pockets, drawstrings, and exposed belt loops. All jewelry must be removed before playing. This includes earrings, necklaces, watches, and rings. No hats are to worn. Any equipment that in the official’s judgment would be injurious to participants is illegal to wear.

Ball: Men will use a regulation men’s basketball. Women and Co-Rec will use a regulation women’s basketball. Teams will use the game ball that is assigned to the court. Practice balls may be checked out RSC equipment center.

Game Regulations

Game Time: A game shall consist of two 20-minute halves, with a 5-minute half-time intermission.

Timing: During the first half and the first 13 minutes of the second half, the clock does not stop unless the officials decide to do so for an extreme reason (injury, basket malfunction, scoreboard problem, etc.). No time outs permitted. Once there is 2 minutes remaining in the game, the clock will stop on all dead ball situations as governed by National Federation rules.

Timeouts: Each team will have one timeout per half. Timeouts may carry over to 2nd half.

Overtime Period: If the score is tied at the end of the second half, a two-minute overtime period will be played. All rules that are followed during the last two minutes of the second half will again be observed. If the score is still tied at the end of the first overtime period, the game will use "sudden death" rules; the first team to score two or more points is the winner. If at the end of two minutes of play neither team has won the game under the "sudden death" rule then the team that is ahead is the winner. If it is necessary to go into the third (or more) overtime period, follow the same rules of the second overtime period. During all overtime periods, the rules governing free throws, stopping of the clock, time-outs, and the keeping of the time are the same as those followed in the last two minutes of play in the second half.

Shot Clock: Intramural basketball will not use a shot clock. Substitutions: A substitution may be made only after an official has blown the ball dead. Substitutes may not enter the game after a field goal.

Substitutes: Substitutes must enter the game from the scorer’s table. The substitutes may enter only upon being waved in by an official.

Scorekeepers: Each team must have one representative at the scorer’s table during the game to act as a scorekeeper. A team must have a minimum of four (4) people present to play a game; three players and one scorekeeper. If a team has only five players present to start a game, the team must play with four players on the floor, with the fifth acting as a substitute and as a scorekeeper. Duties of the scorer include recording team’s points on scorecard under official running score and recording all personal and team fouls.

Basic Rules

Jump Ball: To start the game and each extra period, the ball shall be put into play in the center restraining area by a jump ball. All other jump ball situations shall be put in play by a throw-in under the alternating possession procedure.

Closely Guarded: A player in control of the ball is closely guarded when an opponent is in a guarding stance within six feet. A closely guarded violation occurs if the closely guarded player, while in the front court, holds or dribbles the ball for more than five seconds. The violation is a turnover to the defensive team.

Free Throws: In each half, free throws will be awarded for each common foul (except player control) committed by a player of a team, beginning with that teams seventh personal foul as outlined below.

  • Personal fouls not in the act of shooting: 1 free throw plus 1 bonus free throw if the first is made
  • After ten fouls: 2 free throws
  • Personal fouls in the act of shooting
  • 2 point shot missed: 2 free throws
  • 3 point shot missed: 3 free throws
  • Shot made - 1 free throw
  • Intentional fouls - 2 free throws, plus ball awarded out-of-bounds to offended team at the spot nearest the foul.
  • Flagrant fouls - 2 free throws, plus disqualification of offending player.
  • Technical fouls - 2 free throws plus shooting team's possession at mid court.
  • Player control fouls - no free throws, ball awarded to offended team out-of-bounds.

Conduct: All participants are expected to play according to the rules of the Division, Intramural Sports, and University Regulations. The staff of the Division of Recreational Sports reserves the right to penalize individual participants and/or teams for fighting or other unsportsmanlike conduct. Any individual or team that has or is consuming alcohol is subject to an automatic forfeiture. Since the use of alcohol is unsportsmanlike conduct, the Intramural Supervisors and Officials have the right to eject the player(s) or team and may forfeit the contest to the opponent. In addition, cases involving physical abuse of or between participants and/or spectators may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for possible action.

Any individual who physically abuses an official shall automatically be barred from participating in the game. In addition, each individual case will first be reviewed by the professional administrative staff of the Division of Recreational Sports to determine the departmental penalties to be assessed and then be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for possible action.

Co-Recreational Rules

Players: Two teams of five players each shall play the game with the combination of two males and three females or three males and two females. A game may be started and continued with a minimum of four players in the combination of only two males and two females. Each team is responsible for supplying a scorekeeper.

Playing Restrictions: Males (with or without the ball) are not permitted in the free throw lane, nor may they break the plane of this area at any time on either end of the court. This applies to offensive driving, defensive guarding, and rebounding for both field goals and free throws.

Violations of Male Player Restriction: If the violation is in the violator’s offensive court, the ball shall be awarded out-of-bounds to the opposing team. If the violation is in the violator’s defensive court, it shall be treated as basket interference (regardless of whether a shot has been attempted), and two points shall be awarded to the other team.