Intramural Sports

Billiards Rules

The Game

The game is played with 15 object balls numbered from 1 to 15 and a cue ball. Balls are racked at the foot spot, with the 8-ball in center of triangle. One player must pocket balls numbered from 1 to 7 or from 9 to 15. The opponent pockets the group of balls not selected by the player with original choice. The player pocketing numerical group first and then legally pocketing the 8-ball wins the game.

Order of Play

Order of play can be determined by lot or lagging. It is dependent on the players. If the breaker pockets one or more high and low balls on the break, he/she has choice of the high or low balls. If the breaker fails to pocket a ball on the break, his/her opponent has the choice of pocketing either the high or low balls.


Each player is entitled to all balls legally pocketed, unless he/she pockets a ball belonging to his/her opponent, in which case the opponent is credited with the ball. If a player pockets only an opponent's ball, it is considered a miss (a miss is the failure on the part of a player to accomplish his/her intention on a stroke). Combination shots are allowed at all times, except in an attempt to pocket the 8-ball. Players may play combination of opponent's balls. After a player has pocketed all the balls in his/her numerical group, he/she shoots to pocket the 8-ball, calling his/her shot. If shooting directly at the 8-ball, the player must pocket that ball or cause the 8-ball or the cue ball to contact a cushion. An official match consists of the best two out of three games.

Loss of Game

If a player accidentally pockets the 8-ball before he/she pockets all the balls of his/her numerical group, he/she loses the game. When playing for the 8-ball, players must hit that ball first. If he/she pockets the ball on a combination, he/she loses the game. Since a player is required to call his/her shot when playing for the 8-ball, he/she loses the game if the 8-ball drops into a pocket not designated in the call. When a player is shooting to make the 8-ball, he/she loses the game if the cue ball scratches in the pocket.