Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of September 24 to September 30

Corey Laster- Building Services Supervisor

Corey did a great job in coordinating cleaning up an office at E.T. I can count on Corey to always complete any cleaning assignment given to him.

---Ed High


Deb Haley- Library Assistant

Thank you for switching shifts with me on such short notice! I know it was last minute, but it was much appreciated and it allowed my husband and I to prepare for the baby! Thank you!

---Ellen Clark


Lisa Eley- Production Coordinator

Thank you for all of your help with the signs.   They look great.

---Julie Nothnagel


Dimples Smith- Senior HR Consultant

Thank you for all your helpful advice and counsel. You have ALWAYS gone out of your way to help me when I reached out to you for help and I DO appreciate that very much and I just wanted you to know that. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

--- Hedayah Samavati


Cindy Farris- Asst Prof of Nursing/ Director of Undergrad Program

The Pathways Presentation: Thank you for giving your time to share about nursing.  Even though only one student attended, I believe she learned a lot.  Thank you, again.

­­---Greg Anderson


Stacy Betz- Chair/Associate Professor

The Pathways Program: Stacy, thank you for squeezing us in on an already busy day.  I appreciate your efforts in discussing speech and audiology.  Thanks, again.

---Greg Anderson



Michelle Fritz- Clinic Director

The Pathways Presentation!  Thank you, Missy!  I appreciate your time and your passion in encouraging student about Medical Imaging!  You are the best!

---Greg Anderson


Sandy Michels- Advisor

Thank you for all you have done for Career Services and the JobZone system. I really do appreciate you stepping in to take over when you did. I know we will continue to work together since we are both DOS, but I wanted to acknowledge the assistance you gave Career Services. So...Thank you!!

---Ashley Calderon


Andrea Ogubi- Career Events Coordinator

Thank you for your leadership with the Mastodon Job & Internship Fair. Over 500 students had the opportunity to connect with employers because of your hard work. Thank you!!

---Ashley Calderon


Reuben Albaugh- Departmental Operations Clerk

Superb customer service when obtaining tickets for various events.  Always accommodating and pleasant to work with. 

---Jan Shilling


Gabrielle Carteaux- Student Service- User Tech

I want to thank you for your technical expertise as I created the new Institute website! You are always willing to answer my dotCMS questions and your clear, detailed explanations takes the mystery out of computer work.  I also appreciate your friendly personality! Thank you!!

---Tina Gasnarez