Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of September 17 to September 23

Tina Webber- Business Manager

Dear Tina, I appreciate ALL your help answering all my questions, helping me with managing my Department's budget, setting up student assistant's accounts, and many more instances. Thank you! Also, I thank you because you went out of your way to provide me with the latest data about Econ. Dept. budget so I have the information to discuss at my Dept. meeting.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

---Hedayeh Samavati


Jana Lese- Clerk

A student was directed to our office to find his lost laptop. However, no one had turned his laptop into our office.  Instead of sending him to another office, Jana stayed with the student and helped him hunt down the laptop.  This is the level of service we should all be providing our students!

---Angie Williams


Andrea Burkhart- Secretary

Helping me complete NACEP accreditation requirements at the last minute and for the extra help with Collegiate Connection. You fulfilled my requests immediately and without complaint. You always make me and everyone in the department look good.

---Ahmed Rachdi


Greg Vorst- Refrigeration Mechanic

Getting cooling into the office currently used by the library’s Digital Initiatives Group. We very much appreciate your extra efforts in running ducts, cleaning filters, and opening vents—all the extra efforts of working in the Dolnick facility. Here is looking to the heating season!

---Marla Baden


Allyson Schreiber- Business Manager

Taking extensive time out of your schedule to come over to my office and clarify numerous aspects of the department budget.

---Steven Alan Carr


Karolyn Smith- Academic Advisor

myBLUEprint and more! Karolyn has helped me since I started at IPFW.  She compiled an amazing, organized desk procedure book when she was in CS that I received when I started. Then, she rescued me, over and over, in her position in Admissions.  And now, we get to work closely to keep students up-to-date in myBLUEprint. She is great about sharing cudos, but I'd really like to recognize her work.

---Laura Leichty


Ed High- Building Services Manager

My thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for going above and beyond with a cleaning request.  The request required efforts above what is normal and traditional and you and your staff responded with a desire to make the situation better. Thank you for coordinating, taking care of the issue, and following up.  Expressing my appreciation for excellence in service! 

---Dimples Smith


Janice Mitchell- Account Clerk

Thank you for being diligent and following through on a payroll document that we needed.  With the myriad of things you have to do during crunch time, your efforts in seeking out the form was just one of the many ways you reflect your passion for ensuring that what is needed for our employees, departments, and the university are met.  My thanks and appreciation for your extra effort. 

---Dimples Smith


Andrea Ogubi- Career Event Coordinator

The Mastodon Job and Internship Fair! All of your hard work paid off and you coordinated the largest job fair in Northeast Indiana! You did a fantastic job scheduling outreach events prior to the job fair to advertise the event to students and help them prepare. The job fair was a huge success!

---Kayla Klimasko


Gabby Atkison-Flynn – Student Service- Office Assistant

Entering all 200 evaluations from the Mastodon Job and Internship Fair into an organized Excel spreadsheet! You are a rockstar! Thank you for getting them done so quickly and even making suggestions on how to improve the evaluation for the future.

---Kayla Klimasko


Cassey Suthers- Web & Data Research Specialist

Always helping me with revising all of my Facebook posts and newsletters before they are to be sent out. I appreciate all of your help with everything!

---Tanner Clarke