Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of March 4 - March 10

Susan Huller- Lead Event Coordinator

Thank you for working to ensure we had a great outcome for our event.  If you had not been there to greet an early caterer, provide needed dining ware and a warmer, the experience for our executive team would have been quite different.  I really appreciated what you did.  You made the outcome of things so much better.  Thank you for being there and thank you for the care you showed.  It mattered!

--- Dimples Smith

Kayla Klimasko- Career Counselor

Thank you for mentoring me with our “Don't Cancel Class” program. I so appreciate your advice, patience and leadership!

--- Natasha Manor

Cassey Suthers- Web & Data Research Specialist

The training, learning, and on-boarding of Slate. Transitioning to a new CRM system is a daunting process especially when faced with limited time, resources, and expertise. You have hit the ground running and really embraced the entire process as your own. You have stepped up to the plate and went above and beyond with the training guide and the training sessions, proving yourself invaluable!

--- Melinda Conley

Debra Haley- Library Assistant

Throughout the library renovation, you were undeterred by the dust, dirt and darkness.  Daily, you put on a hard hat and dust mask and carried a flashlight to search for books that our student workers could not find, and to search for overdue books before billing for them.  Once the carpet was laid, and some of the lights turned on, you helped with the shifting of books.  Thank you!

--- Joyce Saltsman

Sandy Colpean- Clerk

Thank you for your willingness to help any time!

--- Doreen Crunk

Kathryn McLaughlin- Student Service

Kathryn, you did an outstanding job putting together the Master of Social Work career presentation! The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive and the instructor said it was "one of the best presentations we've had for our students!" Awesome job!

--- Kayla Klimasko

Amy Harrison- Business Assistant

Everything related to the library renovation.  You maintained the punch list of what needed to be done, kept lists of where things were stored, dusted book shelves and shifted books.  You kept the big picture in mind, and also all the small details.  You helped wherever help was needed.

--- Joyce Saltsman