Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of March 26- April 1

Teresa Goodwin- Talent Acquisition

Thank you for your constant support and help. We appreciate you always being available and willing to answer any questions that we may have. You are always patient with explaining things that we may not understand. Thank you again for helping us get more comfortable in our positions here at the front desk!

--- Haley Hoover & Kaitlin James

Trent Barcus- Program Systems Analyst

Working with Daniel Lin to resolve problems with the library's patron load system.  Thank you for helping to clear the many issues that pop up! ---Graham Fredrick

Daniel Lin- Information Services Technician

Working with Trent Barcus to resolve problems with the library's patron load system.  Your knowledge of the systems and services involved have been a great help!--- Graham Fredrick

Pam Thompson- Purchasing Agent

Working through purchases for the CFAB grant. These things can get complicated and it was nice to have things flow so smoothly. Thanks.

---Art Herbig 

Randi Boyd- Secretary

The CFAB grant purchases. As complicated a problem as I present, Randi always figures it out! Thanks. ---Art Herbig

Joanne Summers- Secretary

Joanne is always kind, patient, professional, and willing to lend a helping hand.  She has a special bond with the students and is always willing to go above and beyond with a smile on her face. She has been patient, informative, and supportive of me in my new position.  She kindly volunteered to assist with my duties so that I was able to take a day off.  Thanks Joanne! ---Carol Craig

Tim Speshyock- Custodian

In regards of the parking garage elevator incident.
Tim did this job without complaints or a bad attitude.
He did his job above and beyond the call of duty  and he did not ask for help!

---Valerie Null