Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of March 25- March 31

Alexia Gamble- Student Service

I appreciate your proactive responses to items that have come up in our office and your positive attitude you have displayed as we go through a department transition.

Keep up the great work - you ROCK!

--- Leanne Bure

LV McAllister- Manager of Customer Service

Last Friday our dept. had a special request to accommodate a guest to our campus.

From the very first moment we contacted LV in ITS, he had an upbeat, can-do attitude. LV's willingness to rise to the occasion certainly didn't go unnoticed.

I am repeatedly reminded of what a great team we have here at IPFW!

LV, I look forward to working together again in the future!

--- Lisa Brodasky

Philip Davich- Director of Accounting & Fiscal Systems

It's high time that I take a moment to properly recognize and thank Philip Davich!

Philip has always taken the time to share his wealth of knowledge with his colleagues. We are all the better for it!

Philip, no matter how busy you've been, thank-you SO much for not only answering my questions, but   teaching me along the way. Your patience and demeanor make you pleasant to work alongside. 

--- Lisa Brodasky

John Nicklin- Support Coordinator

I approach John Nicklin with every question under the sun and always get a good answer. I constantly ask him about video and computer-related stuff (often linked to art & education). If he doesn't know the answer (which is rare, because he has lots of knowledge), he knows someone who does, and he connects us. He also has a great personality, always cheery, encouraging, and patient.

Thank you!

--- Lee Roberts

Cathleen Carosella- Managing Editor

I want to thank Cathleen Carosella for the good work she does. On numerous occasions, she has turned my messy bunch of words into something both informative and also pleasing to the ear--like straw into gold, I say!--and it is time that I voiced my gratitude. She is also always receptive to any changes I suggest. We are lucky to have someone with such practiced skill writing for us.

--- Lee Roberts

Susan M. Anderson- Assistant Librarian

Susan Anderson has helped me more than once find resources I have needed to do my research. Moreover, she seems able to anticipate my needs, for which I am doubly thankful. Without her, I would be nearly alone in my research and in building on-campus materials for my classes. We are fortunate to have someone like Susan who helps constantly improve on what we can offer our students.

--- Lee Roberts

Graham Fredrick- Library Assistant

I often have the feeling that Graham Fredrick is in my corner when it comes to making research possible on this campus. He finds the rarest of stuff from collections in other countries and serves it up to me, sometimes even when I need it now. Indeed, he goes above and beyond when he finds opportunities to access sources I might need. If I had a formal research team, I would want Graham on it.

--- Lee Roberts

Julie Yoder- Executive Assistant

Thank you so much for your help in getting some of the logistics set up for the early morning meeting in Kettler.  You didn't have to do that but you offered and it was extremely helpful to me.  You are always so pleasant and easy to work with, even though you have a ton of work on your own plate.  I can't say thanks enough. 

--- Karen Burtnette