Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of March 18 - March 24

Andrew Antalis- Online Learning Technology Coordinator

So courteous. So professional. So prompt. Without fail, Andrew goes above and beyond. My online classes have been significantly improved in content delivery and accessibility thanks to his efforts, and I always appreciate his positive attitude. Thanks, Andrew!

--- Elizabeth Mannir

Kevin Bolger- Electrician

Welcome to IPFW. I appreciate your hard work and assistance with delivering electrical cords to Walb for the Science Fair. The process was not ideal but you did it with a positive attitude and it was appreciated!

--- Leanne Bure

Karen Geary- Senior Programmer & Analyst  

Thank you so much for your continued help with feeds between systems.  Your efforts are making our processes more streamlined every day.

--- Angela Morren

Gabrielle Atkison- Flynn – Student Service


Thank you for your hard work in planning and executing our outreach events to promote the career fair! I am proud of you for trying new times and locations, and we successfully reached hundreds of IPFW students to inform them of the career fair. Great Job!

--- Kayla Klimasko

Christopher Pine- Enrollment Services Advisor

We had paperwork in our office that was getting backed up, that no one was taking the initiative to complete. However, Chris decided it had been piling up for too long and he completed the paperwork for us. This helped our office flow, relieved stress from his co-workers, and helped our students be more successful. I wanted to take the time to point out his dedication towards our organization.

--- Morgan Felkner

Tammy Southern- Assistant Registrar

Tammy has been so helpful during the redevelopment of the bulletin for the Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology. She has gone above and beyond to help me get things in place for the 2017-18 bulletin. I can't thank Tammy enough for relieving me of this stress!


--- Brooke Pratt

Melody Monday- Temporary Service

The education workshop in Walb on Monday night.  You responded to my request for help to keep the restrooms looking presentable for our off-campus guests.  It was a small task, but one of great significant to not only the organizers of the event but also our image with the public.

You never hesitated once to help make the situation better and that is so appreciated!

--- Terri Jo Swim

Willard Frye- Computer Technician

Kudos to Willard for going the extra mile in assisting Institute with their computer issue.  He reported back to us that the computer we had him work on was "toast".  When I shared that we had no funds to purchase a new computer but really needed a workable one, he took it upon himself to find one that wasn't being used and allowed us to use it for the time being. 

Willard ROCKS!

--- Alice Jordan-Miles

Kathleen Burke- Assistant Library

Thank you very much for being so welcoming to our visitors from Japan in the last two weeks.  It's people like you that make IPFW a great place to work and visit!  We appreciate you being so helpful.

--- Meg Underwood