Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of June 25- July 1

Jayne Schele - Lead Custodian IV

Disposing of our two dead mice.  I truly appreciate everything our custodians do on campus.  Jayne takes care of all of our requests with a smile, even while picking up dead mice.  Thanks Jayne!

--- Amy Harrison

Victoria Sarjeant  - Manager of Special Projects & Chancellor Events

You have taught me essentially everything I know about the university within the last six months and have remained patient, kind and helpful throughout the entirety of it! Your passion, loyalty and commitment to the university proves that you are a major asset to this institution. You always go above and beyond your assigned duties, and that's a truly admirable quality! Thank you!

---Diana Petrova

Tina Webber - Business Manager BMS/EDUC/SPEA

Helping the Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies with  reimbursements for numerous and complex events; and for all of your guidance, support and assistance throughout the Institute's tenure in the College of Education and Public Policy.

--- Steve Carr

Bob Brewer - Assist Dir. Mastodon Academic Perf

All your organization to make our freshman orientation a success!

--- Christine Kuznar

Steve Florio - Head Women's Volleyball Coach

Terrific job organizing, promoting and running an outstanding community and IPFW event with Sitting Volleyball.  What an educational and fun experience!

--- Christine Kuznar