Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of July 2nd - July 11th

Jeni Mattmuller - Secretary

Many sincere thanks for all of the incredible support and guidance that you have given me over the past three years in my role as Nursing Department Chair.

--- Lee-Ellen Kirkhorn

Angela Morren  - Operations Assistant

Thank you to Angela for producing a detailed spreadsheet I needed for an upcoming class.  I appreciated the quick turnaround time from when I requested the spreadsheet and when I received it.  
Great job!

---Roxanne Kingsbury

Lisa Eley - Production Coordinator

Lisa is always so helpful and always goes out of her way to help me with all of my 'strange' requests.  I truly don't think I could get things done for our department if it wasn't for Lisa's patience and helpfulness.  Many, Many Many thanks, Lisa!!!!

--- Sue Ealing

Greg Vorst - Refrigeration Mechanic

Getting cooling into the 154-162 wing at Dolnick.  We do appreciate your extra efforts - otherwise it was going to be a warm summer.  Many thanks!

--- Marla Baden

Reuben Albaugh - Departmental Operations Clerk

Stepping in at a moment's notice and taking on a complicated project with very little information. You did a great job and helped a client in need. I also appreciate you sunny disposition and professionalism when under a tight deadline!

--- Julie Miller

Karen Ramsey Mielke- Database Administrator

Working with Caroline Ward to resolve an issue she was having with the duplicate pidm process.  You were essential to her finding the issue.  I appreciate your willing to work with others closely to come up with solutions!  Thanks a million!

--- Julie Litmer-Schwaller