Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of January 7 - 13th

John Mitchell- Manager Support Services

Every time I ask you to fix or build something for me, you always come through.  Thanks for doing it with a smile.

---Judy Baker


Laura Leichty- Secretary

Serving as the admin assistant for 2 departments (CEIT and MCET).  Lots of additional work and gets everything done for all of us with a smile!!

---Michelle Parker


Hanzhang (Han) Fei- Faculty Computer Support Specialist

Dear Han,

Thank you for quickly responding to my request of cross-listing two sets of my courses.  I greatly appreciate your very capable assistance.

Thank you for walking me through setting up my course website with such ease and generosity.  You have ALWAYS assisted me with such patience and clarity that it has made it easy to ask you for help.   Please know that I am extremely grateful!

---Hedayeh Samavati


Susan Byers- Director of Student Success Center

Dear Susan,

Thank you for the amazing assistance that you repeatedly, quickly, and so professionally provided me and my several students.  It is such a GREAT peace of mind to know a capable, hard-working, and professional co-worker is always there to help, when one needs it.  You are that reliable professional. 

Thank you for ALL your help!

---Hedayeh Samavati


Andrew Antalis- Online Learning Technology Coordinator

Thank you for making sure we are up and running in all locations despite last minute surprises and unexpected schedule changes. Your dedication to the team and to the success of our instructors and students this semester is very much appreciated.

---Beth Iserman


 Deb Hein- Clerk

a course cancellation.  A course had to be canceled last minute and instead of just informing the students of the cancellation she researched what options were available.  She was able to find the same class available through ICN.  I appreciate her willingness to take the extra step to help students.

---Angie Williams


Josh Bacon- Secretary

I so much appreciate you taking over the logistics of the College of Arts & Sciences Symposium on Teaching and Learning while I was on vacation.  Your always helpful attitude, grasp of managing events, and attention to detail are always very much appreciated.  I knew the event was in good hands.

---Karen Burtnette


Cynthia Wilson- Continuing Lecturer

Thank you for helping us out with advising while Buck was out. I really appreciate you being willing to step in and give of your time and knowledge even when it's not your responsibility anymore!  And it's nice to know that you care enough about us to help save our sanity!!

---Susan Byers


Vicki Hollinger- Account Clerk

Working diligently with our Directors and Tanner and I to ensure that the DCS contracts are processed in a timely manner! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Your attention to detail has helped to keep us on track and on schedule!

---Deb Hein


Shayla Anderson- Secretary

Dear Shayla,

Thank you for the great job you are doing preparing all the forms related to our conference participation.  Thank you for assisting my student relative to the textbook.  I am especially recognizing your contribution because you are very efficient in what you are doing.  Your great work is MUCH appreciated and I wanted you to know that!

Thank you!

---Hedayeh Samavati


Cassie Antos- Academic Advisor

I appreciate your growth as an advisor over the course of the last year+ that we have been colleagues.  Additionally, your team work, flexibility, and willingness to learn as we tackled the IDIS project has been super helpful.

---Kim Myers


Kathie Surface- Faculty IT Support

As always, you are awesome!  Thank you for your help with Bb as I tackled IDIS and Probation and At-Risk projects.  I also appreciate your help with Excel training!

---Kim Myers


Han Fei- Faculty Computer Support Specialist

Thanks for always replying quickly and finishing my sandbox requests well ahead of the date I need them!

---Kim Myers


Corrie Fox- Associate Director of Student Success

I appreciate your passion for your work and your dedication to serving students well and ethically while striving to make IPFW a better place for everyone.  Take more vacations.

---Kim Myers