Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of February 27- March 4

Jerry McCagg- Building Services Supervisor

Cleaning the extremely dusty shelving in the library.  We needed some cleaning done quickly in order to accommodate the construction schedule.  Jerry went up the the dirty, dusty third floor and cleaned off shelving that was needed to move books out of the contractors way.  ---Amy Harrison

Randi Boyd- Secretary

Scheduling. No matter how many challenges I throw at Randi or how difficult I think a request may be, I can always count on Randi. I truly appreciate her hard work and dedication. ---Art Herbig

Lisa Stults- Clerk

Scheduling. I have never met Lisa Stults, but I understand that she was instrumental in assisting Randi Boyd with an impossible request I made. I thank her for the help.  ---Art Herbig

Dawn Adams- Secretary

The excellent support you provide the department faculty in ensuring our academic life at IPFW runs smoothly and efficiently!--- Rama Cousik

Jacqueline Henderson- Custodian

Delivering a special package to the HR/OIE Director from someone who flagged you down in the parking lot.   You are an ANGEL! ---Teresa Goodwin

Terry Myers- Maintenance Mechanic
You took the time out of your already busy day to meet with me on several occasions to discuss what I needed, offered suggestions for workable solutions, and then let me know the work was completed so that we could move forward with the next phase of the project.
Without your help, IPFW SOLE(Self Organized Learning Environ) would not be; I thank you for that.---Jeff Eley

Paul Chapman- Computer Technician
You knew what needed to be done to make the SOLE PCs work the way we wanted, and took care of it. You even suggested improvements and are still working to make it as great as possible. You even put up with my oversights and dumb questions.  IPFW SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment) would not be possible without you! ---Jeff Eley

Robert Habeger- Electrician
I counted on you to take care of hanging the TVs (monitors) for the IPFW SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment) and you far exceeded my expectations. You provided suggestions to make my ideas better, took initiative when I wasn't available, and made it happen.
Without you, IPFW SOLE would not be possible. Thanks!  ---Jeff Eley