Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of February 25- March 3

John D. Mitchell- Manager Support Services

After a long search for a part, which function was to help provide cooling to the first floor of Walb Union, and upon finding out it was obsolete, I asked John if he could replicate the part.

       He found time in his schedule to make an exact replacement. For his efforts I would like to thank him for working together on this.   The sharing of your expertise did not go unnoticed.

---Greg Vorst

Jason Moyer- Machinist

The Engineers Week events: Your work in maintaining, moving, and helping with training on the bridge testing equipment is very much appreciated. Also, the lab demonstrations you created for the Look to Your Future event were excellent. The high school students (plus parents/teachers who attended) enjoyed your lab location. Your enthusiasm in going the extra mile make a difference.

--- Carol Dostal

Belinda Johnson- Temporary Clerical - Processing

Thank you for going the extra mile to locate a transcript.  You are appreciated!!!

--- Alice Rice

Doreen Crunk- Temporary Clerical- Admissions

Implementing Slate and processing applications.

--- Alice Rice

Sam Pray- Credentials Analyst

Navigating the nuances of Slate.

--- Alice Rice

Transfer credit. You can identify where a class has been taken locally by the course number. Thanks.

--- Doreen Crunk

Alice Rice- Clerk

Slate. Thanks for your help.

--- Doreen Crunk

Angela Morren- Operations Assistant

Slate. Thanks very much for your patience. You teach us something new every day.

--- Doreen Crunk

Heidi Johannsen- Secretary

Since I have been here, Heidi has helped with training me, answering all my questions (I have a lot), taking time to show me procedures, and all thru this, she has shown great kindness and patience.  I’m so glad to have her working near me!  Thanks Heidi!

--- Rita Reed

Roger Ellert- Library Assistant

You were cheerful throughout the renovation of the library.  You continued to shelve government documents, even though it meant wearing a hard hat, dust mask and goggles for six months.  You spent many hours shifting books. When the building reopened in January, most of the library staff were too busy to work on the project, but you continued moving books and finished the task.

--- Joyce Saltsman

Karen Parkison- Library Assistant

Thank you for all the hours you spent shifting books during the renovation of the library.  When the library reopened in January, most of the staff became too busy with other tasks to work on the shifting, but you continued to move books.  Thank you for helping to finish this project.

--- Joyce Saltsman

Brian Adams- Custodian

Thank you, Brian, for cleaning up all of the popcorn debris left from the Grad Fair on Tuesday evening. We had the largest turnout in the history of the Fair and I felt bad about the amount of popcorn left everywhere. When we came back Wednesday morning for the second day, everything was spotless.

Thank you.

Kelly Shanks

--- Kelly Shanks

Creasie Hill- Health Clinic Office Manager

Organizing and managing the Center for Healthy Living: Campus Clinic and the Lafayette Street Family Health Clinic. 

I know that the clinics are in good hands, that i's are being dotted and t's are being crossed.  Clinics have many special requirements and you are making sure that we are always in compliance. 

 With you in charge, I know I don't have to worry.

Thank you for all you do.

--- Ann Obergfell