Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of February 17th - 23rd

Christi Hall – Account Clerk

I appreciate your special effort with taking on the additional task of running Title IX reports daily since my computer has been down. Thank you!! J

---Andia Walker


Kat Snyder – Operations Assistant

I appreciate your special effort with data mining multiple years of files with accuracy and timeliness. I know it was no small task and you delivered it with outstanding precision and detail. I appreciate you!

---Krissy Creager


Lalita Boykins – Financial Literacy & Student Loans Coordinator

Exceptional efforts coordinating the PWL Banner applications control audit while successfully balancing day-to-day pressures and additional requests! You are appreciated and recognized!

---Krissy Creager


John Nicklin & Team – Academic Support Coordinator: Multimedia Specialist

Thinking outside of the box, being available, being professional, and being efficient in recording the EAB and SPARK 451 presentations for the Chancellor - and better yet, assembling them and delivering them in an incredibly timely manner thereafter!

---Krissy Creager


Tamara Hoskins – Assistant Registrar-Communications

I appreciate you helping me schedule rooms to advise and register the entire incoming class! Thank you for helping me book rooms, double-check, and even triple-check my reservations! I appreciate your patience, thank you!

---Stephany Alarcon


Clara Sarrazine – Senior Programmer/Analyst

Thank you so much for all your help with the state changes and the file layout changes in Banner! And a special thank you for all your help over the past 6 months!! You are truly appreciated!

---Kat Snyder


Julie Litmer-Schwaller – Student Information System Business Analyst

Thank you so much for helping Financial Aid and continuing to help our department in so many ways! Especially over the past 6 months! You are truly appreciated!

---Kat Snyder


Cassey Suthers – Web & Data Research Specialist

Thank you for your help wit the Graduate Studies communication plan. Cassey spent a lot of time and effort creating a solution in Slate which is more efficient than the current work around we were going to use. We really appreciate Cassey's commitment, dedication and hard work!

---Angie Williams


Andrea Burkhart – Temp. Clerical/Assistant

Thank you for supporting me in all of my projects and courses with tact and attention to detail. It is great to have you back. You are an invaluable member of the Management and Marketing team!

---Ahmed Rachdi


Heather Tierney – Assistant Professor of Economics

Thank you for helping me to recruit students for D490 Special Studies in International Business Administration which will do marketing research in Morocco this summer. You are very student focused and a wonderful colleague. Thank you!

---Ahmed Rachdi


Paul Houser – Building Services Supervisor

A little birdie told me that you were the one who re-aligned the sliding door to my cubicle. I really appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to do that for me. Above and beyond your call of duty...thanks so much!

---Teresa Goodwin


Testing Services Center Team

The entire Testing Service Staff including the weekend folks are terrific at handling the large classes for the exams. They were most helpful and totally perfect in the services for the students and cooperation with the special requests asked for. They clearly do the R I P P L E S to meet the needs. Consistency all the time for excellence standards.

---Robert Barrett