Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of February 10th - 16th

Allyson Schreiber – Director of Academic Admin Business Services

Christina Egbert – Business Manager

Bringing Robert Skloot to campus for an event co-sponsored by the Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and the Theater Department. With Bev Redman, this was a true collaborative effort, in large part because of the joint support we received from both Allyson and Christina. The event went so smoothly because the two of them covered many important details for us.

---Steve Carr


Catherine Dunmire – Temp Service-Credit

Catherine went above and beyond setting up technology that allowed IPFW's International Language and Cultural Studies to present a distance learning program to a high school class here in Fort Wayne. Her knowledge and can-do attitude made the program more successful than it would have been without her assistance. She is appreciated and a pleasure to work with.

---Faith Roswall


Allyson Schreiber – Director of Academic Admin Business Services

Providing clarity and transparency regarding my research funds. I thank you for taking the extra time needed to explain to me, in lay terms, the availability of funds for research in my account. Your help has been invaluable and your professionalism, remarkable. You make a world of difference at IPFW!

---Talia Bugel


Jana Williams – Account Clerk

Filing complex travel expenses involving different foreign currencies for multiple conference trips over the summer and fall 2017. I thank you for your time, your patience, your attention to detail and your availability to accommodate my many questions and steps. Not once have I felt unwelcome in your office. Your help and professionalism have been invaluable!

---Talia Bugel


Liane Ambrose – Banquet Coordinator

Liane has helped the department get ready for the Communication Showcase for four years. The event is held in several rooms at Walb Union and she takes care of everything needed to have a successful event there. She handles the room layouts, extra tables, easels, you-name-it and we absolutely couldn't do this without her. Thank you, Liane, for all your excellent guidance!

---Randi Boyd

Kenton Fackler – Power Plant Operator

Locating parts and helping cut and rethreading pipes for the two LA sump pump installation. He was a great helper, saved us much time on reconnecting the new units. Thanks Kent!

---Greg Dent & Dave Zuber


Donald Woods – Utility Custodian

Mr. Don Woods deserves recognition for being kind and helpful even when he does not have to be. He empties the waste baskets in the Econ Dept regularly even though it is not part of his assigned duties. About 1 month ago, Mr. Don helped me to get to my car by stamping down a pathway in the snow, so that I could walk, which I greatly appreciated because I have severe rheumatoid arthritis.

---Heather L.R. Tierney