Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of February 20- February 26

Lydia Bates- Assistant Director-Upward Bound

Thanks for always helping me out and putting students first!---Shubitha Kever

Melinda Conley- Director of Marketing

Collaborating with Melinda on our upcoming Honors Summer Camp for potential incoming honors students, has been fun. She honors our vision for the program and is able to see how our needs can best be met from her unique perspective. She brings us great ideas on how to effectively reach potential students. We are so grateful that we were "assigned" to her to help us make the Summer Camp a reality. ---Honors Program

Ann Brown- Coordinator for Collegiate Connection

Working with Ann has been nothing short of rewarding. She shares the same passion for student success as we do at the Honors Center. She has been able to use her expertise in being the gateway for high school students to IPFW by helping us start the Honors Summer Camp for potential incoming honors students. We look forward to working with her on other recruitment initiatives in the future.  ---Honors Program

Lisa Stults- Clerk

As the Honors Program is continuing to experiment with different ways of setting up courses, we rely on the support and patience of the Registrar's Office, and Lisa in particular. Lisa is invaluable to us at the Honors Program. In addition to making scheduling adjustments, most recently she has processed all of our paperwork for H-options, which is no small task. We are so grateful for her. ---Honors Program

Susan Robart- Secretary

Thanks for going above and beyond to take care of our needs in the music department, especially the times when you've taken care of things before we even realize what we need! And thanks for doing the same for our students. You're the best! --- Nancy Jackson

Cathy Dunmire- Video Production Coordinator

Thank you, Cathy, for spontaneously covering extra hours so that students and instructors may be served. You have been calm and collected despite the roller coaster of these few weeks. You are a life saver and a valuable member of our team. ---Beth Iserman

Jeff Eley- Workstation Systems Specialist

Thank you so much for helping to build our testing VDI pool.  You have no idea how much time you'll be saving the identity team during account testing.  I'm so glad I can get rid of my clunky old VM! ---Melissa Litmer

Valerie Null- Custodian

Time and again Val has gone above and beyond her daily responsibilities to help in Neff as unexpected things come up.  She's friendly, extremely hard working, and always willing to lend a hand.  She's a welcome face in the building and we all want her to know how much we appreciate her! ---Department of Communication

Greg Anderson- Academic Advisor

All students that come to you for help in bettering their study habits, you provide them with the tools and resources, but more importantly, you instill the confidence that they themselves don't realize they have to be a successful student.  ---Bruce Kingsbury

Cyndy Elick- Director Purchasing Services

I so appreciate your special effort with helping me through a purchasing need of mine. It's always a pleasure working with you. Your good nature, positivity, and professionalism is number one in my book. Also, thanks for providing information to me that will be useful in making future purchases.
Thank you so much Cyndy! Your help was much appreciated! ---Bobbi Shadle

Melissa Litmer- Identity Analyst

Helping our office with learning how to create a Listserv. ---Laural Dailey

Robin Steenman- Secretary

Thanks for helping me out with database questions!---Shubitha Kever