Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of December 12 - December 19th

Cheryl Hine- Associate Registrar

Fixing programs in the test systems and PROD when we were testing the slate admission decision back in October. Without your help, it would have taken the project longer to move to production.

---Karen Geary


Jeff Schmidt- Computer Operator

Thank you for ALWAYS taking the time to check program runs and notify responsible parties whenever you notice something wrong or different. Without your diligence, we wouldn't have found the problem with the Purdue I.D. card for several days. GREAT JOB!

---Karen Geary


Debi Thorpe- Clerk

Helping to get the Radius clean-up done. You are a true team player and took on another's work before it was asked of you. You also volunteered to take on more when others could not finish. I greatly appreciate it.

---Melinda Conley


Cheryl Truesdell- Library Dean

The library renovation has been such a challenge.  You have remained positive, and kept us moving forward throughout the year.  You set an example to the staff in professionalism and even helping with the downright dirty work of shifting the books.

Congratulations on your retirement.  May it be a long, happy one.

---Joyce Saltsman


Barbara Lloyd- Library Clerk

Thanks for all the times you spoke with me about cataloging.  I learned a lot from you!  Your kindness has helped create the feeling that the library staff is a family.

My wish for you is a long and happy retirement.

---Joyce Saltsman


Marla Baden- Associate Librarian

Thank you for setting up and shelving the oversize art books.  Thanks also for all the years you have provided advice and been a sounding board for me.

I wish for you a long and happy retirement.

---Joyce Saltsman

Kristine O’Brien – Career Counselor

Excellent work on the career guide. Well done!

---Ashley Calderon