Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of August 27th - September 2nd

Andrea Burkhart, Secretary

Thank you for helping me locate lap-top computers for student use. Thank you for helping me with scanning the document. Thank you for ALWAYS going out of your way to help me and all members of Econ. Dept.  Your professionalism is MUCH appreciated!

---Hedayeh Samavati

Susan Byers, Director of Student Success Center

Thank you for helping me with advising of a BA Economics major.  You made several contacts and inquires to see how the student can be helped. Thank you for always going out of your way to help and today was no exception.  Thank you for your able assistance!

---Hedayeh Samavati

Andrew Antalis, Online Learning Technology Coordinator

Thank you for going out of your way and, on a very short notice, walking to my office so that you can help me with Echo 360 settings. I have greatly appreciated your assistance in the past and I was grateful for your quick and competent assistance.  You also helped me with a very positive attitude.  Again, Thank you!

---Hedayeh Samavati

Shannon Johnson, Associate Librarian

Thank you so much for coming in on Saturday to help shift the children's collection.  I couldn't have finished it without you.  You have been such a big help with all of the shifting.  I really appreciate all your help!

---Deb Haley

Karen Parkison, Library Assistant

Thanks you so much for helping shift the children's books on Friday.  I appreciate your help and all the hard work you've done on the books being moved from reference to the circulating collection.

---Deb Haley

Steve McCowan, Groundskeeper

Thank you for your extra effort this summer for the Grounds Department.

---Daniel Freese and Jim Johnston

Patty Bodinka-Gibson, Account Clerk

Thank you Patty for taking the time to track down where we purchased the backpacks for the Doermer Scholars, making it much easier to order some more. Your time spent on this was greatly appreciated!!

---Susan Byers

Library Services Center Staff

Meeting the library needs of the students and faculty in the midst of the renovation - putting up with dust, dirt, noise, & sometimes no water; donning hard hats & safety vest to crawl under sheets of plastic to retrieve books; answering the same questions over & over WITH A SMILE.  Joyce, Deb, Kathleen, Ellen, Jake, Graham, Sara, and all the student workers - you all deserve medals!!

---Denise Buhr

Sandra Colpean- Clerk

Helping with send out promo items when I was home with a family emergency. I really needed to get them out and you were so willing and gracious. I thank you for being someone I can count on!

---Brandy Hart

Denise Buhr, Associate Librarian

Giving a guest lecture on library resources to new graduate students in Communication.

---Steven Alan Carr

Abe Schwab, IPFW IRB

Giving a guest lecture on IRB to new graduate students in Communication.

---Steven Alan Carr

Greg Dent- Maintenance Mechanic

Installing accessories on our emergency crash cart.  You are always so helpful and nice.  Thanks!

---Stephanie Lehto

Bart Tyner

Thank you for your quick response to the web issue we were experiencing.  This was extremely important as we look at keeping our campus community updated, informed and having the latest information.  You made us happy campers... A positive difference! Thanks!

---Dimples Smith

Susan Miller- Secretary

The fall mailing of The Association of IPFW Women. It is always such a huge undertaking and your help and assistance makes the project go so smoothly!

---Barbara Lloyd

Justin Mills- Account Clerk

Justin showed great teamwork when he assisted Ashley with an upset student. The student was not understanding the breakdown of the tuition and fees. Justin was able to calm the student down and explain the charges on the student account. Ashley and Justin provided time and attention that the student much appreciated. This shows great teamwork working together to meet the needs of the students.

---April Detrick

Laura Leichty- Secretary

Keeping the CEIT department organized and well informed of everything necessary.   She is constantly looking for ways to improve what we do and connect with the students. 

---Michelle Parker

Jennifer Schillo- Purchasing Agent/Designer

Helping me obtain much needed office supplies for the OSP offices. I appreciate Jennifer's friendly and helpful personality. Thank you!

---Tina Gasnarez

Shaketah Ledford- Graphic Designer

I love working with Ketah! She is always so helpful, especially when I am behind on my deadlines! Her kindness and talents are much appreciated!

---Alison Rynearson

Christa Van De Weg- Business Analyst- Degree Audit

Thank you for all you have put into myBluePrint to make it better for all of us advisors.  It is appreciated!!

---Michelle Parker

Katelynn Munet- Student Service- Help Desk

Assisting Kyle with Internet access. You are always kind and attentive!