Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of April 9- April 15

Mike Berkshire- Network Systems Administrator

Thank you so much for your help in restoring Jan's and my access to the student container.  Having access back to the student container and the added access for viewing password policies has really helped streamline some of our more tedious account processes. 

--- Melissa Litmer

Maureen Linvill- Business Analyst

A smooth implementation for the Cognos upgrade.  Thank you for your planning and documenting to make sure our Cognos users had the right information a the right time.--- Julie Litmer-Schwaller

Josh Smith- Senior Programmer

A smooth implementation for the Cognos upgrade.  Thank you for your continued research into issues found in upgrading Cognos in the test systems.  --- Julie Litmer-Schwaller

Leah Mau- Bursar Operations    

On 4/12/16 Leah had a very difficult issue to deal with that was brought to our attention. Despite all of the emotion that was going on she remained calm the entire time and handled the situation with the utmost professionalism.

 --- Justin  Mills

Jackie Henderson- Custodian

Thank you Jackie for the awesome job that you do keep the Office of the Registrar clean and tidy. You always come to work with a smile on your face and are so helpful to do anything to help. I just wanted you to know that we really appreciate you and all that you do to make our work areas just a little brighter. --- Sarah Manley

Karen Geary- Senior Programmer

Thank you to Karen for always being so helpful with AT/TT import issues and changes. You always go above and beyond and always are so patient about all my questions!  Thank you for everything that you do!! --- Sandy Michels

Jacqueline Reynolds- Program Assistant for Graduate Studies

Jacqueline has helped me work on brochures and fliers for our TENL program and for relevant courses in the last several months,  and her input has been extremely valuable. I appreciate her expertise, efforts, and excellent work tremendously. --- Hao Sun

Joseph Papiernik- Custodian

Joseph is such a loyal and dedicated worker. He always comes into our office with a smile on his face. Always willing to do anything to help us maintain a clean safe office environment. Keep up the good work Joseph.
You are awesome!!! --- Sarah Manley