Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of April 30- May 6

Daniel Freese-  Groundskeeper

We really want to thank Dan for taking the time to talk to us about the future of the flowers in the 'Chancellor's Garden' and for allowing us to enjoy the blooms in our offices since the flowerbed is being removed.
We have enjoyed viewing this flowerbed from the walk into Kettler and from the Faculty Lounge.

--- Debbie Braun, Cynthia Vanderlaan, & others

Printing and Design Staff

Your willingness to help and your attitude of always going the extra mile. The staff is always pleasant even when faced with impossible deadlines. Positive attitude goes a long way.
Thank you! --- Linda Symington

James Cashdollar- Assistant Director, Online & Credit Programs

Dear James,
Thank you for ALWAYS being so timely with providing the information and being very helpful.
Thank you for your assistance with my TA situation --Ciara Cox's access to e-mail and Blackboard.
I appreciate your professionalism!
Thank you!   --- Hedayeh Samavati

Regina Gordon- Program Assistant

Regina is always very willing to do whatever I need and help with any problems I'm having with Class Climate, which I'm sure wasn't an easy thing to learn when she got here as she didn't have much training from anyone.  She always is happy, and it helps make your day brighter if you get to talk to  her.  She's obtaining her masters degree this May as well!  Congratulations!  --- Marcia Tuttle

Patricia Bodinka-Gibson- Account Clerk

Dear Patty,
Thank you for helping me and my entire Department to get our many and various financial requests, permissions and all others forms filled out.
Thank you for being so VERY helpful and kind on top of your extreme professionalism.   

Thank you for being so very patient with me asking so many questions! You have ALWAYS gone out of your way to help me.  Thank you!

---Hedayeh Samavati

Kathleen Surface- Faculty IT Support

Getting our CHM 29001 course (Form 40) from West Lafayette campus. It had been "lost" at West Lafayette until Tammy contacted the Registrar's office there. I am grateful that we can start using this course instead of trying to find ways to work around it. --- Jayla Heller