Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of April 2- April 8

Kathleen Surface- Faculty IT Support and Todd Raines- IT Training Coordinator

Amazing people, loving what they do and helping others achieve their goals.  I have called on Todd and Kathy on numerous occasions for Qualtrics and website help and I always get the same results:  Excellent guidance, thoughtful attention to needs and always a more efficient way to accomplish my task.  I so appreciate your knowledge and expertise.  You are an awesome ITS team!

--- Dimples Smith

Maureen Davey- Web Developer and Bart Tyner- Web Developer

You have been patient and understanding as we send back many changes to our website structure.  I appreciate the guidance, expertise and tremendous amount of work you've done on the website as HR & OIE combine and re-brand.   The knowledge and skills you've brought and shared as we combine the sites is invaluable.  Thank you!   --- Dimples Smith

David Elkins- Maintenance Mechanic

Helping to locate keys to unlock poster boards for use in the Indiana Branch of the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting held on Friday, April 1, 2016, at the IPFW Alumni Center.  Your willingness to put aside your current task and help in such a timely manner was greatly appreciated. ---Glenda Pray

Graham Fredrick- Library Assistant

Helping to locate the poster boards in the library and develop a plan of action to get the boards from the locked facility to the IPFW Alumni Center for use at the Indiana Branch of the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting held on Friday, April 1, 2016.  Your patience and help was greatly appreciated! --- Glenda Pray

Micheala Pattison- Student Service

Thank you for helping me resolve the issue with my list serv (4/6/2016).  You were so helpful, patient and professional.  I will ask for you whenever I need some help! --- Kathleen Whitcraft

Shaketah Ledford- Graphic Designer

Over the last 2 weeks, Shaketah has helped me design cards for an original game for German 112. Without her expertise, I simply would not have succeeded in creating what I envisioned. She worked tirelessly to cut my cards digitally and create a background to make them into a real learning tool. She has an extremely welcoming personality and has opened my eyes to many more creative possibilities.  --- Lee Roberts

Laurie Colchin- Assistant Bursar

Laurie has exceeded the "Teamwork" definition over the last several weeks. She's worked with nearly every business office on campus and the updates that she's putting into place are going to help with overall account reconciliation in a big way. This has been a big undertaking and she's just taken it and run with it. She rocks! --- Leah Mau